Electric Toothbrush Accessory


Introducing a new electric toothbrush accessory. Are you tired of toothpaste foam running down your electric toothbrush handle? Here’s the solution – the Patent Pending #HandleDry, a new, must have electric toothbrush accessory.

The collar will fit most powered toothbrushes. The #HandleDry is made of hypoallergenic, high strength silicone. Rinse your #HandleDry when you rinse your toothbrush. You do not have to remove it. easy to clean toothbrush accessory

Place the #HandleDry, flat side down, over the bristles. Work the collar down to your desired position. That will be above the on/off switch on most powered toothbrushes. Now invert the rim of the collar to form the catch basin. The foam is stopped!

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HandleDry slide blister packagingPackage Contents: One, 2.25” #HandleDry collar with 5/8” opening. Fits powered toothbrushes with handles from 3/4” to 1 ½” in diameter. This collar will fit 90% of electric toothbrush handles. The package was originally going to include an expansion ring for use in conjunction with the #HandleDry on brushes with very small diameter handles. No one during user evaluation ever asked for one. We will be offering a collar with a smaller diameter opening directly through this Web site should one be needed.

Click the #HandleDry packaging (left) to see an enlargement of a transparent collar fitted on a Sonicare™. That is my toothbrush of choice, but there are a lot of good options out there. The demonstration video shows how to place the #HandleDry.

HandleDry™ Demonstration

Market Analysis 

As you can see in the above Demonstration photo, the HandleDry™ will fit toothbrushes with different shaped handles.

photo for user testimonial“I have been using the handledry on my electric toothbrush for about a year. It really works to keep the toothpaste and water from going down the toothbrush and into the battery. When rinsing off the toothbrush, it is particularly beneficial. It is a nice addition, and I believe it will even make my toothbrush last longer. In my opinion, everyone should have one of these.” S I – Phoenix, AZ


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photo for user testimonial“I started using the HandleDry immediately after acquiring one from Jason, and I was instantly blown away from the first use. There were no globs of toothpaste foam dripping through my fingers, down my forearm or from my elbow. In fact, there were no such drippings/foam of the sort…. I never thought that any product would stop the mess I would make when brushing my teeth – until now. I could never imagine using my toothbrush again without the HandleDry attached. It was easy to use, easy to put on, easy to clean and easy to store (I left it right on my toothbrush). It honestly doesn’t get any simpler than that. The HandleDry keeps my toothbrush handle clean, thus keeping my fingers, forearm, elbow and bathroom sink clean. I highly recommend this product…” N A – Fuquay-Varina, NC

photo for user testimonial“I love my electric toothbrush, because it makes my teeth feel like they’ve been professionally cleaned. My dentist raves about my dental hygiene. Imagine my dismay when I changed the head of my toothbrush the first time and found brownish gunk inside! I was introduced to the handledry in June. It slides over the shaft of the toothbrush, sealing off the place where moisture and germs slip inside. The outer rim catches any toothpaste and saliva, and it rinses clean after use. Problem solved. I love my electric toothbrush…and my HandleDry!” A D – Castle Rock, Colorado

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