The HandleDry

“A well designed product. Talk to Walgreen when it goes into production.” (Discussion with Mr. H just before Walgreen bought Kerr Drug, Inc.)


Category Manager - Health Aids - Kerr Drug, Inc.

“It looks like you have a great idea. You need to be on Shark Tank.”


Owner, Realo Discount Drugs

“I have been using the handledry on my electric toothbrush for about a year. It really works to keep the toothpaste and water from going down the toothbrush and into the battery. When rinsing off the toothbrush, it is particularly beneficial. It is a nice addition, and I believe it will even make my toothbrush last longer. In my opinion, everyone should have one of these.”


Teacher - Phoenix, Arizona

“The handledry is easy to use and manages the task well. User friendly, great product!”


Teacher - Spartanburg, SC

“I was instantly blown away from the first use. There were no globs of toothpaste foam dripping through my fingers, running down my forearm. I never thought that any product would stop the mess I would make when brushing my teeth – until now. I could never imagine using my toothbrush again without the HandleDryTM attached. It was easy to use, easy to put on, easy to clean and easy to store (I left it right on my toothbrush). It honestly doesn’t get any simpler than that. The HandleDryTM keeps my toothbrush handle clean, thus keeping my fingers and bathroom sink clean. I highly recommend this product…” N A – Fuquay-Varina, NC


Soldier - Fort Bragg, NC

“WOW! Never would have believed that something so simple would make such a difference. After the simple manner of sliding it on, I don’t have to worry about my hand getting covered with toothpaste. And so easy to rinse clean. I look forward to using this for many years to come.”


Retired Sherriff - Hollywood, SC

“The handledry performed excellently. The toothbrush handle did not get wet from the foam generated by the toothpaste. When this item becomes available in the market, I will be buying several for my family’s use.”


Retired Business Owner - Fruitwood, FL

“The electric toothbrush accessory, handledry, is perfect. It thoroughly stops any foam from running down the handle.”


Music Educator - Leonard School of Music - Charleston, SC

“I used the handle dry and it was great! On a scale of 1-10, the handledry was an 11. I love the handledry!”


Student - Raleigh, NC

“I love my electric toothbrush, because it makes my teeth feel like they’ve been professionally cleaned. My dentist raves about my dental hygiene. Imagine my dismay when I changed the head of my toothbrush the first time and found brownish gunk inside! I was introduced to the handledry in June. It slides over the shaft of the toothbrush, sealing off the place where moisture and germs slip inside. The outer rim catches any toothpaste and saliva, and it rinses clean after use. Problem solved. I love my electric toothbrush…and my handledry!”


Castle Rock, Colorado

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